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  • Preschool education, secondary and specialized education;
  • Higher education, additional professional education
  • Research institutes and organizations;
  • Education abroad, foreign private boarding schools, vacation programs abroad;
  • Information on scholarships and grants for studies in foreign universities;
  • Preparation for international exams (TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE);
  • Internship, work & travel;
  • Foreign languages, IT in Education;
  • Information and computer technologies for management of educational process, educational institutions and the organizations of distance studying;
  • Means and equipment of technical ensuring educational process, educational laboratory equipment;
  • Specialized editions in the fields of education, visual aids, training and methodical materials, business literature, developing and cognitive literature;
  • Public libraries, digital libraries;
  • Furniture for educational institutions, stationery;
  • Modern teaching aids, special equipment and furniture for children with disabilities.